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Chauvin-Arnoux Group

European Leader in Measurement

Chauvin Arnoux Group, the European industrial company specialized in measurement, now proposes a comprehensive product offering for measurement, drawing on its three main areas of expertise:

Chauvin-Arnoux Group

  • handheld instruments,

  • temperature application,

  • electricity,

developed respectively by the three French companies, Chauvin Arnoux Test & Measurement, Pyrocontrole and Enerdis.

The Chauvin Arnoux Group responds to all customer requests, whether they involve a unique, original product created in one of the Group’s six Research & Development centres and manufactured on one of its production sites (4 in France, 1 in the USA and 1 in Italy), or a standard product from the catalogue. In this way, it is able to offer a range of more than 5,000 product references every year for self-employed electricians, industrial companies and public administrations.

The Chauvin Arnoux Group’s international development is supported by 10 subsidiaries in Europe, the United States and China, backed by export sales teams, enabling it to offer its Chauvin Arnoux®, Metrix®, Enerdis® and Pyrocontrole® brands on all five continents.

The Chauvin Arnoux Group is certified ISO 9001 version 2000 and ISO 14001 by the international MOODY organization on all its sites. Every year, the Group invests 11% of its turnover in Research & Development to maintain its technological leadership and its reputation for constant design and innovation.

190, rue Championnet, 75876 PARIS Cedex 18, France
Tel: +33.1.44 85 44 25;    
Fax: +33.1.46 27 95 59
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