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If there is a thunderstorm, what should you do to ensuring your safety?

Protect yourself from a severe thunderstorm?

Electrical storms are a very dangerous natural phenomenon. On this technical notebook we offer you a list of safety recommendations for the security of people against electrical storms.

Actions should you take during a thunderstorm?

To protect yourself, your family and your home from the dangers of a thunderstorm, consider these safety tips:

  • Inside a building with lightning rods.
  • Inside a place which has a roof electrically united to earth.
  • Inside a total metallic structure (for example a covered car).

In case there is no refugee close, you should minimize the size of your height (kneel down) and the surface in contact with the ground (put your feet together) and never place your hands on an object connected to the ground.

While you’re outdoors should avoiding to do these actions:

  • Riding horses or bicycles.
  • Staying in convertible vehicles with the roof open.
  • Getting into the water or swimming.
  • High or isolated trees. The closeness of a tree beyond the end of the branches.
  • Open areas.
  • Wearing an object that stand son top of your head, specially if its made of metal (umbrellas, golf clubs, tools,).
  • The contact and closeness of a metallic structures, metallic fences, electric objects, Windows frames, radios and TV...
  • The use of phones with cable.

In case of a person affected by a direct or indirect lightning discharge, you should perform the same first aids used in case of electrical discharges or burns. Artificial respiration should be done immediately. These actions, as well as urgent treatments can save the affected person life.


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