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  • Series
  • Model
    ATBARRIER MF (AT-8125)
  • Brand / Made in
    AT / SPAIN
  • Network: 230 Vac single-phase
  • Max continuous operating voltage Uc: 275 Vac
  • Max operating current IL: 63 A
  • Nominal discharge current per pole (8/20 µs wave) In: 50 kA
  • Impulse current per pole (10/350 µs wave) Iimp: 50 kA
  • Protection level for 8/20 µs wave at In    Up: 1200 V
  • Combined wave voltage Uoc: 6 kV
  • Short response time: 25ns
  • With removable modules for replacement in the event of a breakdown or fault
  • Compact multi-pole protection.
  • Tested and certified as a protector Type 1+2+3 according to the standard EN IEC 61643-11


Correct overvoltage protection is only achieved if all of the protection stages are well coordinated. Otherwise, the most robust protection will not work, possibly even causing the destruction of the most sensitive protectors and even the equipment that they should protect. 
For all of the protectors to work, they must be separated by at least 10 metres of cable or a decoupling inductor which also withstands the line operating current. The complete ATBARRIER systems have been designed in this way.
ATBARRIER series protection cabinets contain all the different protectors required for coordinated protection of all of the phases. ATBARRIER boxes are to be installed in series with the line. In normal conditions, they remain inactive without affecting line operation at all.
Compact box, easy to install and with the same advantages as Aplicaciones Tecnológicas protectors: robust, quick, reliable and tested according to applicable standards (IEC-EN 61643-11) in official and independent laboratories.


  • Reference: AT-8125
  • Protection categories according to the REBT: I, II, III and IV
  • Type of tests according to EN 61643-11: Type 1 + 2 + 3
  • Nominal voltage Un: 230 VAC
  • Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc: 275 VAC
  • Nominal frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
  • Maximum operating current IL: 63 A
  • Nominal discharge current (8/20 µs wave) In: 50 kA
  • Impulse current per pole (10/350 µs wave) Iimp: 50 kA
  • Protection level Up: 1200 V
  • Combined wave voltage Uo.c: 6 kV
  • Response time tr: < 25 ns


  • Working temperature: -40 ºC to +70 ºC
  • Protector location: Outdoor
  • Type of connection: Series (two ports)
  • No. of poles: 2
  • Dimensions: 280 x 448 x 160 mm
  • Fixing: Wall or vertical support
  • Box material: Self-extinguishing, insulating
  • IP Code: IP65 according to IEC 60.529
  • Insulation: Double (class II)
  • Fire resistance: 650 ºC according to IEC 60695-2-1
  • Impact protection: IK09 according to EN 50.102
  • Connections L/N/G: 25 mm2 maximum section


  • Certificated tests according to: IEC/EN 61643-11
  • Complies with requirements of: UL 1449
  • Relevant standards: UNE 21186, NF C 17-102, IEC 62305
  • Products compliant with EC requirements


  • ATBARRIER surge protection devices must be installed in series with the low voltage power supply line.
  • Installation should be carried out without power in the line and can only be done by authorized professionals.


  • Connection to earth is a must. Earthing in the whole installation must be bonded either directly or by a spark gap and resistance should be lower than 10Ω.
  • If the indications on this datasheet are not fulfilled during use or installation of the protectors, the protection provided by this device could be compromised.



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