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Selection SPDs & installation guidance

CITEL’s line of AC power surge protectors is designed to cover all possible configurations in low voltage installations. They are available in many versions, which differ in : Type or test class (1 , 2 or 3) Operating voltage (Uc) AC network configuration (Single/3-Phase) Discharge currents (Iimp, Imax, In) Protection level (Up)
Choosing Iimp : The impulse current Iimp is defined for Type 1 SPD. The minimum rating for Iimp is 12.5 kA by pole, following IEC 60364-5-534 . This level is adapted to the real phenomenon.
Explain the parameters of a lightning protection equipment.
This technology is the exclusive and patented technology of CITEL based on the use of specific types of Gas tubes: GSG. These components, the result of over 75 years of experience in the gas discharge tube field, have a behavior adapted to the power network and provide robustness and working stability: their association with varistors combines the advantages of both technologies.
The DAT Tester is a battery-operated tester to verify the correct operation of ESE Lightning Air Terminals. A high voltage is applied to the Air Terminal. Two test leads are used to connect the instrument and Air Terminal to be tested
Well executed joints with clamps and fasteners accomplish with the requirements of a good connection. That is, they are able to withstand and drive efficiently lightning discharges to the ground. However, sometimes even with the best efforts of the installers, the suitability of these unions is difficult to determine, at least visually.
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