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Data line surge protectors

Data lines need a wide previous study of the systems to be protected. Each transmission protocol has its own working voltage, type of connection, pin-out, etc. All these data should be well known before designing a surge protection strategy that, firstly, does not affect the user and, secondly, is efficient against transient overvoltages.

BP-LC Load Cell Surge Protector

Model: BP-LC - Origin: CITEL / France
The BP-LC is a surge protector specially designed to protect the load cells and the mesurement instrumentation, used on weighbrige system or cranes, from possible distrubances or destructions caused by lightning transient surges. Protected line 4 or 6 wires weighbridge system, Clamping voltage 30 V, Clamping voltage 15 V, Clamping voltage 90V, Surge power capability 1.5 kW, Discharge current 10 kA 8/20 μs. Enclosure protection:IP65, IP68.     . Detail

ATLINE Series data lines protection 5-30Vdc

Model: ATLINE - Origin: AT3W / Spain
TLINE 5-30 Modular Data Lines 2 ports Surge Protector 5V-12V-24V-30Vdc, containing coordinated protection for two pair of lines 5-30Vdc. Detail

B180-06D3 Surge protrector RS-485

Model: B180-06D3 - Origin: CITEL / France
CITEL B180-06D3: 1-pair surge protection units for RS-485 line. Protection level (Up) 8/20μs impulse - 5 kA: 20V, Nominal discharge current (In) 8/20μs impulse - 10 times: 5kA, maximum discharge current (In) 8/20μs impulse - 1 times: 20kA, Lightning current (Iimp) 10/350μs impulse - 2 times: 5kA. Removable protection circuit, Wall mounting and screw connection.. Detail

DLA-12D3 DIN rail plug-in Surge Protector for 12V RS232/RS485 line

Model: DLA-12D3 - Origin: CITEL / France
DLA-12D3 surge protectors are designed to protect, against surge voltages due to lightning, terminals equipment connected to industrial buses. These surge protectors must be installed on symmetrical DIN rail and are available for most of the transmission lines : line voltage 12 V, Up 15V. . Detail

ATDB9 Individual Protector for Datalines Type DB9

Model: AT-2300 - Origin: AT3W / Spain
ATDB9 SPDs are specially designed to advoid failures in data transfer between equipments with connectors type DB9 or SUB-D9. They arre design for communications type RS232/RS485/TTL. Maximum discharge current 2kA(8/20µs), nominal voltage 12Vdc, Max. working continuous operating voltage Uc=15Vdc, protection level  Up=80V, tr. Detail

DD series Data «D-Sub» Surge Protectors

Model: DD-9/15/25 - Origin: CITEL / France
These surge protectors are designed to protect sensitive equipment linked to datalines equipped with D-Sub connectors, as RS232, RS422 and RS485 lines. They protect against surge voltages due to lightning or switching operations.. Detail

ATLINE 48-110 Data Lines 2 Ports Surge Protector

Model: ATLINE 48-110 - Origin: AT3W / Spain
TLINE 48/60/80/110 Modular Data Lines 2 ports Surge Protector, containing coordinated protection for two pair of lines 48/60/80/110 Vdc. Nominal discharge current for line C2 10kV(1,2/50μs) / 5kA(8/20μs): 5kA, Nominal voltage 48Vdc, Maximum working voltage Uc=65/72/96/132 Vac/dc, Protection level (1,2/50μs): Up=70V/90/120/160V, tr<10ns, Type of connection in Series (two ports), Nominal current: 360mA. Detail
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