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AT50K Spark Gap for Earth Bonding

AT50K Spark Gap for Earth Bonding

Model: AT-50K

Origin: AT3W / Spain

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Spark Gap for Earth Bonding

All standards about electric and electronic installations recommend to bond every grounding, both general, lightning protection or any other earthing existing in the installation. This avoids resistive couplings and derivations among groundings.

However, sometimes this bonding cannot be performed directly since it could be a cause of corrosion. In these cases, AT-50K Spark Gap for Earth Bonding  is the most accurate device for earth bonding.

In normal conditions, this protector maintains the isolation between different groundings, thus avoiding corrosion problems. When discharge occurs and voltage rises at one of the groundings, the spark gap will activate, connecting directly the earthing systems and avoiding current to flow from one to the other through the internal equipment and installations.

Installation AT-50K Spark Gap for Earth Bonding

Spark Gap for Earth Bonding

The protector is provided with two connectors at both sides for the installation with Ø8-10mm cable or 30×2mm plate (for other dimensions, please consult). It is recommended to place this device inside a specific inspection pit, although it can be located in any other point provided that the ground bonding is effective and the spark gap can be verified.

Technical Datasheet AT-50K

Model AT-50K
Impulse current with lightning wave 10/350μs: Ip (10/350)  100kA
Nominal current: In(8/20μs) 50 kA
Protection level for 8/20 wave at In: Up(In) 2,5MJ/Ω
Working Temperature: -55ºC đến + 85ºC
Dimensions: Ø 32 x 40mm
Connection: AISI 304 stainless steel rods
Material: Polyurethane resin

Certificated tests according to IEC61643-1

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