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Telephone & Data Line Surge Protectors

LAN Network Surge Protectors (11)

Surge protectors for Local Area Networks (LANs), LAN Network Surge Protectors

Data line surge protectors (10)

Data lines need a wide previous study of the systems to be protected. Each transmission protocol has its own working voltage, type of connection, pin-out, etc. All these data should be well known before designing a surge protection strategy that, firstly, does not affect the user and, secondly, is efficient against transient overvoltages.

Coaxial & Feeder Surge Protectors (5)

Coaxial Surge Protector, Feeder Surge Protector

Telecommunication and data transmission devices (PBX, modems, data terminals etc..) are becoming increasingly vulnerable to lightning-induced voltage surges.

These devices are becoming more complex, sensitive and are currently connected to several networks. This situation increases the risk for these sensitive devices to be stressed by destructive surge voltages, induced by lightning or by electrical switching operations.

Moreover, these devices are nowadays installed at every level of every installation (industrial, commercial and residential buildings), making these possible disturbances unacceptable and/or costly.

To make this telecom or data equipment sufficiently reliable, the installation of a dedicated surge protector, against transient overvoltages, is highly recommended.

Surge protectors for telecom and data transmission terminals could be divided in :
  • Surge protectors for telecom networks

  • Surge protectors for industrial networks

  • Surge protectors for Local Area Networks (LANs)

  • Surge protector for Coaxial

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