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ATSTORM Storm Detector

ATSTORM Storm Detector

Model: ATSTORM v2

Origin: AT3W / Spain

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Preventive protection means having information in advance (from a storm detector) that allows the user to start temporary preventive measures before the storm begins. These measures will be deactivated after the storm.

Preventive protection will be complementary to an installed Lightning Protection System (LPS) in certain situations, while in others it will be sufficient to act alone.

The most efficient method of detecting storms locally is to measure the evolution of the electric field. Traditionally, so-called “field mills” have been employed. However, these detectors have got several disadvantages, mainly due to their mobile parts, which cause obstruction and wear and tear overtime.

In order to solve these problems, Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. has developed and patented the highly innovative purely electronic detector, called ATSTORM®, that measures the electric field in a similar manner to conventional mills but using no motor or mechanical parts.

ATSTORM® has been designed according to EN 50536:2011 (Lightning Protection Systems - Thunderstorm warning systems). In addition, we have developed a risk calculation software, which follows the guidance of application of this standard. StormRisk can be downloaded here.

Other types of detectors such as electromagnetic ones, need lightning discharges to occur in order to detect the storm. Therefore they may raise the alarm too late in cases where the storm is forming over the place to be protected. ATSTORM® does not need these discharges as it detects every stage of a storm, from its outset, thus giving a far earlier warning.

ATSTORM® is a storm detector that measures the environmental electric field. It is fully automatic, without mobile parts, robust and highly reliable

The main advantages of ATSTORM® are:

  • Local detection of every stage of the storm thus allowing sufficient time for taking all the pre-established preventive actions.
  • No mobile parts thus avoiding breakdowns and service interruptions.
  • No special maintenance required.
  • Configurable detection thresholds according to the user necessities.
  • Possibility of universal outputs allowing connection to any alarm device, measuring devices, etc.
  • With specific control software.
  • Possibility of GSM modem allowing SMS messages to be sent to cell phones with data or alarms. 


Technical Specifications ATSTORM.v2

Detection range 20 km around the sensor
Resolution 1 V/m
Response time 1 second
Sensor measuring range -100 - +100 kV/m
Interface display Touchscreen
Alarm levels 4 configurable alarm levels
Interface alarm sound level 80 dB
Sensor DC Voltage 15 Vdc
Interface power supply 230 Vac (± 15%)
Frequency 50 Hz
Power 15 W
Relay outputs

4 configurable outputs (for
instance 3 storm alarms and one
communication failure
250Vac, 2A (block connector)
Protections  The interface is protected against
overcurrents and overvoltagesa
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions Ø166 x 226 mm Cable 25m
Maximum separation distance 100m (with optional wire)
Framework material Polypropylene Polypropylene
IP Code IP54
Fixing Fixed to 1 ½" tube
Weight 4.6 kg
Touchscreen weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 350 x 260 x 120 mm
Touchscreen dimension 12.1”
Sensor working temperature -40 a 85ºC
Interface working temperature -10 a 85ºC
Interface Configurable serial, Ethernet
Outputs Audio signal
Mast* 1½'', 2m galvanised steel mast

U-shaped anchorage consisting
of 2 galvanised steel, 30cm long
supports with screws for wall fixing
(all included)
Corrugated tube  Protection tube for communication
cable included

 * Variable according to installation.

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